March 18th, 2007


Ho Hum

I'm feeling very unmotivated today. I was hoping to get the bike out but it's turned too cold and windy. And I was going to make a CD of rehearsal music, but listening to the stuff as I edit it, it's clear that it is better to practice to the much more finished-product of the two commercial CDs.

Woke up early enough to be the first customer at Capri Nail Spa this morning. Had to chill at Starbucks for 10 minutes because none of the staff had arrived by 9. Worth the wait, though. We have settled on a new variation of the treatment. Started with a silk wrap, then went to gel, now we're doing acrylic with a UV-cured top coat. The top coat is based on the gel, but it's diluted to a liquid which brushes on like nail polish. This was the treatment I had 2 weeks ago, and it's the only one which has survived 2 weeks without chipping or peeling. The down side is the acrylic is applied by mixing powdered crystals with acetone, and the vapors are noxious.

Got done in time to pick up a friend and go to Ming's for dim sum. Afterwards we drove to the duck pond, and I am kicking myself for not taking my camera, because we saw a bunch of egrets in the palm trees, and then taking the path behind the migratory bird sanctuary, we saw a hare loping across a field, (I could have gotten half a dozen shots before he disappeared) ans a colorful male ring-necked pheasant posed for us for about 5 minutes, then flew across to the other side of the inlet when we got too close.

Went to Petco, Pet Club and PetSmart, none of them had a 16" fluorescent aquarium hood to replace the semi-melted one on my 5-gal fish tank. Could not find one online either. Looks like they only make incandescent in that size. Problem with the incandescents is the bulb only lights half the tank. Looks like I may have to buy a 10-gallon for the bettas. There's no shortage of 20" fluorescent aquarium hoods out there. While I was nearby, stopped at Kragen and bought wiper blades. Also stopped at Safeway for a handful of groceries.

Last night Pumpkin barfed all over the floor near the cats' food bowl. He's been eating stuff which looks like grass, but is probably from some of the plants the apartment complex is landscaped with. Good thing it's a tile floor there. This is the third time he's done that, I won't be letting him outside again. Domino doesn't do stupid stuff like that, I would like to let her out, but it means remembering to open the patio door for her instead of just leaving it open till they both come back inside.

Got amusing email from my mom - she was asking if I remembered the first name of the man who sold me my first camera. It was a friend of hers who ran a photo store, and she took me - I bought a Leica C3. She remembered his last name -- the amusing thing is his first name is the same as my dad's.

And even more amusing is the fact that I remembered at all. I probably only saw him twice in my life, and I was only about 12 years old. And I can't remember the name of the guy who sat next to me at rehearsals Thursday.

CDs are ripped. Time to edit as needed and make a compilation of the numbers I need to learn. 
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