March 24th, 2007


A public summary of some FL stuff

Work has been a pain in the butt for the last few days. Can you say micro-manager? Boss is a nice guy, lots of smarts and energy, but he has the "gotta do it myself" gene. This was fine back in December when I needed training, but now that I know what I'm doing, I wish he would just let me do it. He does this to the whole team, so it's just making me annoyed - not pair-annoyed.

Rehearsals are going okay. A month plus a week till opening night. I know most of my solos and most of my lines. Just don't know where they go yet. And I need a few more run-throughs to be sure of blocking. Will have one all day, starting at 11 am.

Have to mail some stuff. Got a horse breeds placemat, a can of 70th anniversary Spam™ and the latest US Quarters proof set to send to my baby sister. And a couple of Microsoft/Starbucks tall Styrofoam cups for a couple of friends in Seattle who just went to the Starbucks stockholders meeting.

Took a couple of LJ friends off my daily viewing list 'cause they are just too depressing. And one because there are just too many posts per day - some people seem to spend their entire day on LJ. Or they type 200 wpm. Or both.

Hope to have dinner Sat nite with an old work buddy. Need to send email to an ex-boss who ran into me (almost literally - he and his wife were on a tandem bike riding on the sidewalk in front of the theater when I got out of my car - he missed me by inches) last week.

And after I'm done here I need to email a pal who is looking for work, and could use some recruiter info.

It's tired and I'm getting late. bye for now


With the beard and the broad shoulders and paunch, if I was gay I'd be a bear. Some of my friends are bears. Sometimes they hit on me, which I take as a compliment, though I rarely take them up on it. Bears don't turn me on. From what I've seen of the bear community, this is pretty rare. Bears of a feather, so to speak.

The way I'm wired, and this is the same for all sexes, I'm not sexually attracted to large people. I go for petite people. Petite within reason - there's gotta be something to hold onto.

No value judgments here - there's nothing bad about big people. After all, I am one. They just don't trip that switch for me.
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