April 15th, 2007


Songkran Festival at Berkeley Thai Temple

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I had a good time this afternoon, but it would have been better if 880 hadn't turned into a parking lot, making a 45-minute trip to Berkeley into 2.5 hours.

Got to the temple way late (after 2 pm) so missed most of the food and festivities, but did get to try the new lens on the traditional kids' water fights.

Berkeley temple is a bit more traditional than the Fremont one. Lots of the older folks were doing the polite thing and dipping a leaf from the Bo tree in a small silver cup of water, and sprinkling people, saying "happy new year". I got sprinkled a few times, and a younger woman poured must of a soft drink sized glass of water on my shoulder, but she was polite about it and made sure to use the shoulder away from the camera.


I should be eating dinner

It's sitting in the microwave waiting for me to add the cheese. Shut up!

But I wanted to point you all to two new photo sets on my web gallery.

Behind this link are photos of the Thai Songkran festival at the Berkeley temple. Funny, the name of the festival is Wan Songkran, and it turns into a war of water, which would transliterate as songkram nam.

It was still a nice sunny day when I left at about 4, and there was a pickup basketball game going on at the park across the street where I'd left the car. So I took these photos. The new lens works way way better in sunlight than it does indoors. It works better in sunlight than the previous lens did. Indoors not so much.

Dinner calls.