April 20th, 2007


Friday I'm In Love

Well, not really. I'm not looking. But I'm not hiding either.

Quiet day at work. The repair project I thought would take the late afternoon didn't materialize, but I did get to play with a couple of the toys in a more leisurely manner. One of the monitors seems to be stuck on PAL, and I needed to flip to NTSC for a reality check. Monday I'll ask He Who Knows. Or maybe She Who Knows.

My contract rep took us to lunch at Tied House, which was nice of her. I sat opposite someone I did not recognize until I handed the rep one of the Jekyll & Hyde postcards, and the man opposite me said he had been in the chorus of Anything Goes in Menlo Park back in the 80's. I was one of the leads. So was bigcatroary. He also ran tech for some of the shows they did when I was on their board of directors. I didn't catch his name. Wouldn't have remembered anyway.

On my way back I stopped in at home to send a fax, but the Windows fax program did not recognize my modem. I haven't used it since replacing the motherboard. Re-installed the drivers, but still nothing, and I needed to get back to work.

After work I picked up a $7 modem at Fry's which has WHQL drivers (the elderly Zoom modem in the PC did not, and the replacement was $50!). Also picked up a $50 D-Link USB wireless adapter to replace the Linksys one on the Tivo which seemed to be crapping out. Got home, discovered the D-Link was not supported - I'd gotten a USB 2.0 version and Tivo only has the ancient and slow 1.something. So I rebooted, plugged the Linksys into a different port, ran the setup routine again and it's working. But just in case I'll order the right one from Tivo online. I'll keep the one I bought - first of all there's a rebate and second of all I have a friend who may be needing one. The modem worked fine. But I'd already sent the fax from work, so moot point. Stockbroker stuff, I'd rather have sent it from home but no huge problem with a 2-page local call.

Went to Piazza's for fruit & ice cream & salad makings. I was hoping to pick up something for Sunday's tech day potluck, but I think I'll hit Safeway on my way there and get a deli plate of some kind, or wings. Or maybe I'll be cruel and bring this 32-oz jar of peanuts which has been sitting on my counter for a month, since several cast & crew said they were allergic.

Call tomorrow is not till 1 pm. I may go to get my nails re-done. For some reason they grew out fast this week, and I want them to re-do them in gel instead of gel-topped acrylic. Or not.