May 3rd, 2007



Pretty quiet at work. I spent a lot of time trying to fix some configurations on one of the encoders, only to discover the machine was broken. Spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to fix the configs on another encoder, only to find out it had been labeled incorrectly, and all I needed to do was print a new label and slap it on the front of the machine. We had our department all-hands meeting and my boss announced my imminent departure, and that he has hired my replacement, but said replacement won't arrive till I'm gone. After the meeting I broke the news to two of the QA group I know from other jobs, and I guess I ought to break it to the folks I work with in the head end lab.

Wednesday is not a good evening to be on stage. Yeah, we got another huge ovation with about 1/4 of the folks standing, but I completely blew the entrance to my Big Song, and luckily my "daughter" pulled it together for us when she joined in. In the quartet I sung a line twice instead of singing two slightly different lines in the two verses. The audience wouldn't notice, but daughter sure did. My spoken lines were all spot on, though. We'll try again tomorrow.

A few of the cast tried out for Beauty and the Beast at San Mateo's Broadway By The Bay, but nobody was called back for a major role. Our music director is involved in that show, and he'd asked me to try out for the father, but San Mateo is way too long a drive from Santa Clara where my new job will be, and the father spends most of the show kidnapped and not on stage, and he only has one lame song. So no thanks.

Santa Clara Players has sent me an application to direct a show, it says they are doing three, but only lists two -neither of which I am interested in. I think I'll apply to direct something not on their list. Just have to think of something. Sabrina Fair comes to mind, it's a good match for their audiences, but I'd like a funnier comedy. Cast size limit is about 8 for that theater, and it pretty much needs to be a single set. It's a small stage. Maybe I'll peruse the Samuel French catalog for ideas.

The switch of my domains, web site and email to has been completed, and I am happy with everything except the fact that I can only upload one file at a time (the old site allowed up to 4 ftp connections). Web mail is a much much nicer user interface, and email is quick. I suspect my CGI stuff is not set up yet, but I don't have time to check it. Take a look around, and if you see anything out of whack, let me know.

Updated my laptop to Trend Micro virus software, but had to finish it up at lunch because it needed an internet connection - I never use my laptop at work, so never got  permission to put it on the corporate or even the guest network. Got an acceptable Google wireless connection on the patio of Michael's at Shoreline.

Thursday: Work. Play.