May 10th, 2007


Another show, another standing O

It's a powerful show with a truly stunning ending, but what brings the audience to their feet is Jekyll/Hyde's entrance at the curtain call. Cliff is an amazing presence on stage, and puts body and soul into his performance. And backstage he's as non-diva as they come. A mensch, as they say in the old country. Well, maybe not his old country, there aren't a lot of Yiddish-speaking McCormicks.

I had a great show. No blown lines and the songs felt great. I have been trying to improve my posture and look like a stuck up Victorian older gentleman, and I guess I succeeded because one of the cast said I looked just like Mr. Peanut of Planter's fame.

It was full house or close to it, which bodes well for the rest of the run. I'm hoping people I suggested tomorrow's performance to can get tickets.

We used to have a pile of imitation butineers for the wedding scene, but we're down to 2 I think. I would rather have live flowers, so I stopped off at the big Safeway to see if they had white carnations. They didn't have any except for one-offs inside of $30 floral displays. They had pink and red, but no white. They have white roses at a decent price, so if I don't find carnations elsewhere I'll get roses.

Work got interesting today, as I'm now up to my ears in documenting stuff which needs to be handed off to others before I leave. One key player is also changing jobs, but this is a full time employee who is moving up a notch - I needed to speak with this person, but it's not going to happen since she was sent to Redmond for training and by the time she gets back it'll be too late. A pity she'll miss my going away lunch tomorrow today.

I spent some time this afternoon installing a card into one of the machines made by the company I'm moving to, and then upgrading the software on the box since it didn't recognize the new card with the old software. I'm sure I'll be doing a lot of this at the new job. I get to do it again tomorrow on our production version of that machine.

Looks like I might be able to sell my PDA to my soon-to--be-ex-office mate. They don't have wireless where I'm going, and I'm sure I won't need to be checking email from five locations in three buildings at Terayon. I don't like PDAs very much, I'd rather use a paper pad into which I've rubber cemented my contacts lists. But you can't get email on a paper notepad. Yet. If he doesn't buy it, I'll sell the lot on eBay. HP iPaq rx1955 with lots of accessories, including a foldable keyboard, extra battery, extra charger/usb link, clear plastic case, etc. He wants it, he just has to check with his budgetary advisor. Yup, he's married. ;-)

Been making a fool of myself on a couple of LJ friends sites, so have removed those from my daily reading filter. They're still my friends, and can read all my posts. I've found it best to remove myself before I piss off people to the point where they tell me to leave. I'll come back when I can behave myself. In case you're wondering, it would take an awful lot of stalker-like nastiness for me to kick someone off my pages. Hasn't happened yet. Hasn't even come close. But I'm a thick-skinned old curmudgeon and mere words can never hurt me.

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