May 13th, 2007


The Party's Over

Great final show for me and most of the cast. Best standing O yet. Poor J/H was in the early stages of a cold, and his voice was doing rude things to him all night. He's a trouper, and managed to salvage most of those, but it wasn't pretty for those of us who knew how much better than that he is.

The director came to the show, told me he thought I did an excellent job - I am sure he was surprised with the improvement. It really helps running the show over and over again without any changes. He also helped with strike, and I mean really help as in carrying heavy set pieces out to the shop. I got tasked with one of the easier jobs (in between hauling set pieces, that is) of collecting screws. They have two of these things which have a heavy bar magnet mounted between two lawnmower wheels, and a metal broom-like handle. You push it around on the floor and it picks up anything metallic. They have two of these, one about 3' wide and the other about a foot wide. Me and the resident redhead shared those - she had me pull the stuff off the magnets and put them in the bucket, since it was hard on her back. After a while I was able to go around the stage asking cast members "screw in a bucket?"

Strike began at about 5:30 and was done in 3 hours, which was pretty good for such a huge set. The Players threw a pizza party for us at Pizza My Heart downtown Paly, but I was delayed somewhat by a flat tire. So now the baby spare is on there, and it's in need of some more air too, I think. Gotta try to get up early and drop the tire off at a service station and get the spare pumped up.

The party was weird, because there was no private room, and we took up several tables at the front of the place. The pizza sucked. Thin, soggy, greasy, mostly taste-free. Some of the blame is on bizarre vegetarian choices by whomever ordered them, but even the pepperoni was lame.

One highlight of the party - everyone was given a $150 check, which we applied for as an "Arts Grant", but the check itself says "Contracted Services: Actor". Woot!

Called the parental units this morning - got them on my 4th try. The first three they said rang their phone, but I didn't hear ringing or an answer. Turns out Vonage burped, they reset their connection and now it works fine. But meanwhile I got the folks on my cell phone. Wished Mom a happy Mother's Day, gave Dad my condolences on the loss of his one and only sister-in-law, and let him know I'd sent email and a snail mail card since time zones and work/play kept me from being able to phone.

Big day tomorrow. New job starts, have my passport and SS Card out and ready to prove I'm legal. A chunk of the day will be orientation & paperwork.
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