May 17th, 2007



Changing jobs meant being off benefits from last Saturday through Tuesday. Though I had ordered a refill for one of my heart meds two weeks ago, the order to ship did not come through till the 11th, and though they emailed me that they shipped it and charged me for it, it still had not arrived by the 16th. Should have, it was only coming from Livermore. Online it says I never ordered it. The pharmacy record shows it shipped, but they don't show it being charged to my card. So the nice man behind the counter told me to talk to the pharmacist for an emergency refill, but when I went to the correct queue and waited in line for 10 minutes, the pharmacist walked away.

So I went upstairs (I needed to change my eye doctor appointment) and tried the pharmacy on that floor. The pharmacist there was very nice and got me a week's supply. But it took about 15 minutes because they had to get it from downstairs.

Edit add: Of course the full 3-month supply was in my mailbox when I got home.
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Bringing Home the BayCon

Fry's in Sunnyvale didn't have the model of chocolate fountain I wanted, so I'll try the other stores this weekend. Trader Joe's did have 10-lb slabs of both 72% and milk chocolate, which was nice because it meant spending $40 less on chocolate than I had expected. Will wait till Friday to get the apples, strawberries, etc. for dipping. I think I may already have skewers.

Looking at my web site, Internet Explorer 7 does not support frames correctly. I use frames to show a thumbnail in a frame on the left, and when you click on it the full image appears in a frame on the right with a description. I can find no fix online - anyone who has a clue, please point me there. The clue needs to be a way to make MSIE 7 operate correctly with frames, not an alternative coding "solution" because i have too effing many pages built to start all over again. And yes, I know about the <NOFRAMES> tag, but that's not a solution, that's avoidance.

Tried to watch Supergirl on DVD, but had to hit eject when it became obvious that there was not only no acting committed during the filming of this movie, but no eye candy at all. You would think an all-girl's  private school would have at least one student worth thinking "10'll get you 20" about. Not even close.