May 20th, 2007


Sometimes a Great Notion...

...just doesn't pan out.

Looked up the prices of the Honda Civic hybrid, and they are even more inflated than the Prius. It's not even worth looking. They seem to have discontinued the smaller hybrid, which is the one I was more inclined to buy.

On the other hand, sometimes an impulse does some good. I was waiting in line at Sizzler when it struck me that I really needed to go next door to Diddams and check out party stuff for BayCon. So I bailed and did that, and found a nice divider plate for the chocolate fountain goodies, and also got a couple of pounds of green M&Ms.

Back at Sizzler, I was stuck behind a latecomer to some kind of party who kept trying to pay for her meal while the party hostess kept trying to tell her "your money is no good here, we already paid for you". The guest was very beautiful in an Audrey Hepburn kind of way, add 30 lbs. Gorgeous alabaster complexion, little turned-up nose, blue eyes, black hair. It wasn't stupidity, it was just a case of two friends trying to out-polite each other.

Woke up at 3 am, something was missing. No cats. Looked around upstairs, still no cats. Downstairs, Domino was on the sofa, but there was no sign of Pumpkin. Opened the patio door and in he came. He must have fallen/jumped off the balcony and landed downstairs. Domino had done that a couple of times when we first moved in, but she's a lot more of an explorer and acrobat, and fits through smaller openings. For the rest of the morning Pumpkin was way hyper-affectionate, ramming his head into my hand to get petted, clawing at the quilt and sheets to find my arm under them. On the one hand annoying, on the other hand (the one not bearing claw marks) charming. He seems to be back to normal now

Got everything done this weekend I planned on. Thought about going to Shrek III (I'm across the street from the cinema right now) but think I will wait a couple of weeks. Tonight I'll go to see the reading at Pear Ave Theatre and call my folks when I get home.

Found the work-around for the bug which keeps MSIE 7 from showing frames, and altered my web site accordingly. There's a tag <base = xxx> which you can put at the top of a frames page which says "when someone clicks on a link on this frame, open the link in the xxx frame". This no longer is recognized with Internet Exploder 7, and there isn't even a bug report on it that I can find. The work-around is to add "target=xxx" to each link on the page. Thanks to find/replace, it only took me a couple of seconds to fix this on each frames page. So my family album, theater and felines pages now work on MSIE 7, as well as Firefox (which was never broken).
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