May 26th, 2007



Not sure if the chocolate fountain thing is going to happen. The fountains need pre-melted chocolate, and I did not bring along anything to do that. Also, there is a bit of a logistics problem with one key AC outlet in the room not working. What with panels and such, I will probably not have time to get a crock. I have one at home, but that's too far away.

Room 3117 - almost all the way at then end of the hall, in a dark corner where you wouldn't be able to read a sign if I put it on the door. Which I have done anyway. I've got cheese and marshmallows and apples and bananas and strawberries, and two 10-lb blocks of chocolate. Probably will be open after Masquerade tonight, definitely after 9:30 pm tomorrow.

Caught the first half of Food of the Future, left when it was taken over by a panelist who insisted on loudmouthing about food of the past. Amazing to see someone who could out motormouth johnnyeponymous. Also went to the DNA X-prize panel and will say this: mistymarshall is a lot smarter in person.