May 28th, 2007



This is my brain on sleep deprivation. Checked out of the room at noon, parked the car in one of the now-copious spots along the side of the hotel, caught the last bit of the authors' panel, and I was trolling the halls and hanging out in the main lobby so I could say goodbye to friends before bailing. Found farmount right away, though she was even more asleep than I was. bagelfather came along to take her home. Also saw targeter and then sat down with the April Fool's edition of the con newsletter for a few laughs. Was hoping to see mistymarshall, but (sigh) did not bump into her. My next trip is going to be Seattle, probably around SeaFaire, so she's not off the hook yet. :-)

When sinmix gave me my hug fix, that gave me enough energy to get into the car and drag myself home. Just outside the front door iamradar added her own hug, which was like another nice jolt. I drove home smiling.

About 90% of the way home, I realized that I had left my insulin travel kit in the hotel room fridge. Called them and asked to just mail it back. I don't want to make that round trip drive again on the end of a holiday weekend, and I've got plenty of insulin and syringes at home, just really want the kit, which I made myself from some cut foam and a small digital camera bag umpteen years ago. It's light weight, just the right size for two vials and 10 syringes, and the foam makes it not only unbreakable, but also easy to squeeze into small-ish fridge door compartments. Where it's sitting at this very moment.

Just finished downloading my pix from the camera to the PC, there are already a couple on flickr, but I need to run stuff through Photoshop (the Nikon D-70 does not auto-white balance correctly, so most of the pix need to be adjusted so white isn't brown or blue).

So now I can take a nap. Full BayCon report later tonight, I hope.
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