June 7th, 2007



Waiting for a test to run - boss suggested waiting longer for a flash card update before failing the test case. So I'm using a very lovely stopwatch shareware program and waiting.

Took the new PC case out of the box, and it is very nice. The only thing I don't like is the thumb screws (only 2 of them) which hold the side cover on are the kind which come out completely. My current case has a pull-handle which is much more convenient. But everything else is an improvement. Collapse )
Meanwhile, UPS screwed up, and returned my shipment of CPU and Vista to TigerDirect, claiming they coud not locate my address. They didn't try - the address is correct in TD's records, my phone number is there too. Nobody at UPS tried to contact me or them. By the time I saw this in the tracking page, the box was on a plane back to Napier, IL! So much for building the box this weekend. Unless TG will give me a refund, in which case I'll go to MicroCenter for the stuff. Fry's doesn't carry the quad CPU that I could see, at least not at the SVale store. And they don't take AMEX cards.


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What Can Brown Do To You?

Paid extra to have a 2-day delivery from Illinois, so my new CPU would be here in time for the weekend. The order somehow transposed the first two digits of my address, and although they had my phone number and the shipper's number, they did not bother to call or look me up in their system (they've only delivered about 30 packages to me in the last 6 months) but instead shipped the package back to the sender - overnight!

TigerDirect was good about processing a refund, including the shipping premium, and corrected my shipping address in their records. I'll see if MicroCenter has one on hand this evening.