June 10th, 2007



Fired up the laptop this morning and loaded my USB drive backup of Quicken and got that updated. Did a couple of other things to make it more useful as my main PC.

Took the bike out to Shoreline Park, and rode for about 2.5 miles out onto the dikes before the 20mph winds made it too tough for me to continue, so I headed back, did some exploring on the Baylands access to the 101 frontage road, which needs serious trail clearing, and probably did 5 or 6 miles all together.

Now I'm off to Costco for the first time in maybe 10 years. New job included membership access, and I really missed standing in line for hours to pay for a gallon jar of marinated artichoke hearts. Used to go all the time when I used a film camera, their price for ektachrome was great, and developing too. I suspect much has changed since my last visit.

Watched a Discovery HD channel special on the space station, and Domino sat on the sofa watching it too, front paws crossed in front of her. My camera was close by but I knew if I got up to get it she would shift.