June 15th, 2007


Humane tech Support? Yup, Intel's Got It

Last night I plucked the two motherboards out of the garbage, took down their serial numbers and rev numbers and this morning called Intel to find out what it would cost to have the CPU sockets replaced. I told the support fellow I'd bent some pins by not knowing how to put the processor in without dropping it.

"You were honest," he said, "I will send you replacements under warranty".


Not only that, but he is sending the socket caps, without which Intel won't accept the returned boards. All I need to pay is shipping.

This translates to about $300 worth of good will.

Compare this with ASUS, which refused to honor their warranty when they boxed up a motherboard with broken CPU socket pins.
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Faster Than A Bleeding Pullet

The Pullet Surprise was on my patio when I got home - the motherboard from TigerDirect which their site showed had not shipped yet. Put it into the case, hooked everything up and it worked. Turns out the directions which came with the original motherboard had the connectors for the power LED and power-on switch reversed. No wonder it didn't turn on. Nah, the tech at MicroCenter would have caught that.

What I forgot was new motherboard --> new BIOS --> re-install Windows. So I'm on the laptop watching from across the room as the machine re-installs. Meanwhile I had time to take a short swim in the pool, first time I've been able to do that since I moved in. Very nice.