June 20th, 2007


Should I Get A Perm?

The buzz this morning is LJ will be offering permanent accounts for $150 a pop, for a week, starting tomorrow. At roughly $20 a year for a paid account, that would be 7.5 years paid in advance, if we ignore the extra 100 or so user pix and extra 10GB of disk space (I would not use either of these). Factoring those perks in, 100 pix is $10/yr and 10GB is $24/yr so total $54/yr which makes the $150 a bit more attractive. Between my web site and Flickr, I would never use the disk space. And I'm not using all the pix the paid account gives me.

So no, I won't be getting a perm.
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Going Postal

Lunchtime featured a trip to what I thought was the local PO, where I waited in line for 20 minutes with 4 packages. When I got there, there were only 5 people ahead of me in line, but looking closer, each of the 3 PO clerks had two customers - one being actively helped while another was filling out paperwork & addressing envelopes which they should have done before getting into line. It's a tiny PO, near Kaiser's soon-to-be-old Santa Clara hospital, with no proper place to fill out forms. An alleged helper clerk was going through the line trying to pull people out of line to use the stamp machine. He didn't seem to understand that my packages needed to be processed at the counter, because they were too big/heavy for the drop box and needed delivery confirmation and insurance. Kind of sad - the helper clerk at Mountain View main PO is actually very helpful.

Got back to work and looked up POs on google maps, and discovered there is a larger newer one closer to me than the Kaiser one. Next time.

What was being mailed was:
2 packages to Intel to RMA three motherboards
A box of Bill Cosby/Tony Bennett CDs for Mom & Dad
A box with a surprise gift for scendan

What wasn't mailed was:
Another box with a surprise gift for iamradar because I don't have her address. Hint. Hint.

Bought my ticket online for Dancing at Lughnasa in HMB (Coastal Rep) this weekend.

Bought a desk lamp and fan for work last night. Set up the lamp this morning and it's excellent, and was only $20. The fan was only $15, but its low setting is high and loud (its high setting will blow a toupe off at 10 feet). I'll take that home and keep looking for something more subtle. I just want a little more air flow through the cubicle, not new weather patterns.