June 25th, 2007


Yummy Dinner Last Night

Yesterday was my non-surgical shopping day. Needed to stock up on all the major stuff. On a whim I bought a big bag of frozen small scallops. Passed by the jar of chopped garlic, because I knew I had one in the fridge.

After my usual 9 o'clock Sunday night call to the parental units in Seattle, it was time for food. Had not had any all day, except for an apple around 7 pm.

Looked at all the goodies I'd bought, decided Scharffen-Berger 82% was not a main course. Grabbed a frozen dinner, put it back. No mood for broccoli. Grabbed a frozen bag of turkey and veggies - one of several I'd made in the crock pot a few weeks ago. Nah, too easy.

Put the omelet pan on the front burner, turned the electric element to 7, poured in enough extra virgin olive oil to lube up an extra virgin (it doesn't take much). Looked in the fridge for the garlic. None there. Hauled out the chopping block and grabbed some loose garlic cloves from the top of the mesh tiered basket, took the pan off the heat while I peeled and sliced half a dozen cloves. Pan back on heat, added dried basil and thyme, tossed in the garlic, let it brown. Opened the bag of scallops and threw in handfuls until the bottom of the pan was covered with them. Stirred and separated the stuck-together ones. Covered the pan, set the timer for 3 minutes.

Brought out the garlic bread (another impulse buy), sawed off two slices. Put them on a dinner plate, popped into the microwave for 30 seconds (warms up the bread and the plate).

Timer goes off, uncover the pan, stir some more. Take plate of garlic bread out of microwave and pour the scallops & herbs & oil over the bread.

It was a very yummy dinner.


"Depends on the context" quote of the week

I'm at Kaiser's deli, eating lunch when two women in scrubs park themselves nearby. One says to the other:
"They just buried him today. He was in the freezer for a week"

That caught my attention.

"Their little girl was devastated. She cried almost the whole time. You should have heard her when they took him out".

A little more eavesdropping revealed she was talking about her neighbor's cat.
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