June 26th, 2007


Not Much To Report

Was in class all day at work. Very good instructor, from around the Okanogan Country, complete with rural Canuck accent. Went straight home, nabbed three washers and started laundry. I was down to my last pair of socks.

Got updated drivers for the capture card, plus their app (which is on the web but not on the CD) and that let me fix the way-off brightness & contrast issue.

InDesign C3 was on my doorstep, it is now installed. First impression is it is very slow, considering it has a quad processor with 4GB of fast DDR2 memory. More later when I re-do my biz cards.

Hooked up my new $10 wired slimline phone, it has dial tone. So now I have an alternative to the cordless set.

And finally, a happy birthday to gil_liant!