July 3rd, 2007


Fight Global Warming - Ride a Scooter

Lots of folks are ranting about the shrub's commuting Scooter Libby's sentence, and as I always try to let my LJ friends have the last word on their own pages, it's time to move the conversation here.

My opinion, in a nutshell, is Bush did nothing wrong. The Constitution gives the President the right to pardon or commute the sentence of anyone, any time, for any reason. If you don't like it, fight to amend the Constitution.

And for those who are crying about how immoral it is for the shrub to give his buddy of 20 years a "get out of jail free" card, I disagree. All he was prosecuted for was telling a lie to a grand jury. The only effect of that lie was to momentarily lead the grand jury to a dead end in one of many possible routes to discovering if a crime had been committed.

He was not convicted of outing a CIA agent.

He was not convicted of the injury or death of anyone.

It was a first offense of a minor white collar crime, and had it been you or me, we would have been given some community service and it might not even have made the papers.

The real criminal in this case is Robert Novak, who published information he knew he was not supposed to have access to, and which could threaten the life of a patriotic American. What he did was treason in a time of war, and if you're going to rant about injustice and morality, then rant about the fact that by not prosecuting Novak, the shrub has committed the impeachable offense of not protecting and defending the United States "against all enemies, both foreign and domestic."

As for the leak itself, how would anyone in the White House know who the CIA's secret agents are? The CIA ultimately reports to the President, so I suppose any leak of classified CIA personnel information would be his responsibility. Another impeachable offense.

Underlying my take on this are two beliefs:

1. Bush and Cheney should have been impeached long ago for actual crimes they have committed
2. Crying for impeachment based on perfectly legals actions these guys take does nothing to help your case
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Worth The Drive

Last night's BASFA meeting was at the San Mateo "Escher" Marriott to coincide with Westercon. I drove up there a little after 7, arrived at 7:30, I guess the meeting had been under way for half an hour or so. It was a smaller than usual crowd, but some new faces, which is great, and with johnnyeponymous presiding and kevin_standlee riding shotgun, there was much hilarity. For the first time in ages I used all 4 of my pre-paid pun taxes.

I had promised the esteemed Veep I would bring some swag for the auction which would be of interest to CHM, but had forgotten it. Well, not exactly forgotten...Collapse )

Westercon did not appear to be doing so well. Looking at the newsletters and the large number of available parking spaces, it wasn't very well attended. I was especially sorry to see in the newsletter the masquerade only attracted a handful of contestants. I know how hard bovil and kproche work to make masq Something Special, which is tough to do when there are more staff than contestants. And I am kicking myself because another thing I forgot to bring to BASFA was a pair of white dress gloves which were left at my Baycon chocolate fountain party, which I am pretty sure belong to Phil Gust, who was one of the masq contestants.

I didn't buy a membership because of several factors - their web site did not instill confidence; the choice of what, for most of us, is a 2-day weekend followed by 2 work days; the horrible hotel choice; the lack of announced big name guests**; the proximity to Baycon.

jaylake being the notable exception. I did not hear about Larry Niven being on hand until the opening day of the con.
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The magic of electrons

Vonage voicemail has not been picking up all my missed calls lately, so this morning I activated for the first time the answering machine on my home connection, recorded a new message and set it to answer on 3 rings.

From work I called my home number, heard the new message, left a few words on the machine and hung up.

Moments later my cell phone sang out that I had a text message - from Vonage voicemail saying I had a message. Called into Vonage voicemail and heard the message I'd left on my home machine. Logging into Vonage, the message is in their queue, and I was able to play it from their web page too. Hmmm. Must see if it's on the machine as well.

It's not too scary - my phone is set up to blink when i have Vonage voicemail. But I expected to hear the Vonage message, in that case.


Not a Hawk

Turkey Vulture
Originally uploaded by how3ird.

While I was riding Amtrak Saturday morning approaching Martinez from Richmond, a small flock of what I thought were hawks took off from the bay shore, and sailed along in the train's slipstream.

I took the obligatory photos (the VR lens worked nicely this time) and upon downloading to the PC and taking a closer look, discovered they were turkey vultures.