July 11th, 2007


Happy Birthday 7-11!

July 11 is the official birthday of 7-11 stores, they are 80 years old today!

And a happy birthday to a much younger damiana_swan, and I can think of many clever things to compare her with 7-11, but it would cause things to be thrown at me, so I won't even think of Collapse ) it.


Mercury Update

Well, that was fast. Huge thanks to dave_gallaher for pointing the right people at AT&T at my phone problem, the phone number actually works now.

And the VP of accounting from the utilities billing company called, he figured out their problem - it was partly my fault, I had not updated the account number in Quicken when I moved, and so the account number on my check was for the apartment I had moved out of. But the check did have the new address, and was sent with the correct billing slip, so it's mostly their fault. So I guess now the people who moved into my old apartment will get debited for the amount they were erroneously credited with in January.