July 15th, 2007



I plumb forgot about Writers With Drinks tonight and instead went to see Transformers. Mistake. First half hour way boring, last hour way violent. Very difficult to tell the good guys from the bad guys, teen non-hero hero boy looks like Toby McGuire's ugly step brother. Smarmy national security badge guy looked like Seinfeld's ugly step bother and was as convincing as Jerry Springer would have been. Very hot female love interest, who keeps entirely too much of her clothes on. Had to close my eyes for most of the last 15 minutes because the fast pans were making me dizzy. Boring easter eggs. I guess you would have to be at least something of a Transformers fan to like this movie.

Sad but true, Pirates III is no longer in theaters, Shrek III is only at the drive-in.  

Goodnight Hugonauts

Need to be up at 5 am to get to my 7 am car repair appointment, so am going to bed in a minute or three.

Looks like I ruffled some feathers on kevin_standlee's pages with my interpretation of what the Hugo "Fan Writer" award should be. Many thanks to Kevin for succinct explanations of the award itself and how the nomination process works. I don't like to hog anyone else's LJ, so will move my part of that discussion here.

In a nutshell, there is a Hugo called Fan Writer, and the way it is worded in the group's constitution it seems clear to me that it was originally intended to be a way to recognize excellence in stories written by non-pro writer/fans in non-professional media (fanzines, semi-prozines, web journals, etc.) but it is also worded in such a way that anyone who publishes anything fannish in non-pro media is qualified for the award. As a result, it has been won very often by professional sci-fi writers whose work (both stories and fannish stuff - reviews, commentary, news, etc.) has appeared in non-pro media.

Something which reinforces the concept that pros are eligible for this award is there is a corresponding fan artist award, which explicitly states it cannot be won by a professional artist. There is no such statement in the Fan Writer description.

I'm not a member of the WSFS which runs the Hugo contest, so anything I say about the awards is purely my own humble opinion. I have great respect for these awards and the folks who are behind them, otherwise I wouldn't bother saying anything about them.

The WSFS constitution contains the Hugo rules, and those can be found at this link. See if you don't agree with me that, while it is not prohibited for professional writers to be eligible for this award, it would make sense to reserve this particular Hugo for amateur writers. Your comments are welcome.
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