July 18th, 2007


Poster Boy

My digital camera's default image size ratio is 2:3, and my recent order of enlargements from qoop.com was in that ratio, 20x30. It was difficult to find cheap poster frames in that size, which surprised me because on my walls are 4 of those, about 15 years old, which I used to be able to easily find in any place which sold picture frames. I think the ones I have came from Target or Walgreen's.

During the past few days I've been looking for those, with no luck.
Bed Bath & Beyond
Aaron's Art Supply & Framing
Office Max/Depot
Rite Aid

I found one model online at Ritz Camera and ordered enough to frame the prints I've ordered, but they only had black molding, I'd prefer clear (silver or white would also be better). So much for 20x30.

Now I'm moving on to my less spectacular photos, which I'm thinking of finding a coffee shop or similar venue to hang them in. I'm thinking 16x24 for those. Or maybe 12x18.

So I'm looking online, and finding the sizes I was used to for photo enlargement paper. 4x5, 8x10, 11x14, and am wondering if my digital frame ratio is different from 35mm.

Nope. All those years in the darkroom I apparently got used to cropping to the point where I never noticed a full frame was 8x12 not 8x10. 11x16.5 not 11x14. And so on.

Where did the 2:2.5 print ratio come from? Casting my mind back to the large format Speed Graphic single-plate camera we used for the college yearbook, those negatives were 4x5 and 8x10. Hasselblad also had 4x5 backs for their press cameras. 120 film was close enough to not make much difference.

But 2:3 ratio photography has been mainstream for almost 50 years. You would think by now it would be commonplace to find frames in that ratio. Used to be, I wonder what happened?

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I was hoping to make some more set of CDs of my folks' 78's which I'd done for them last year, but most of the wav files were corrupted in the hard drive crash, and the DVD which was labeled as the backup only had about 30 of them. So I went hunting and found the full system backup I made last year, Roxio was able to read it and it did not have the 78's collection on it. It did have all my docs, which I will restore tomorrow.

So the irony is when I'm up in Seattle I'll copy my parents' set of CDs to my laptop and bring them back here to make more sets. This time I'll keep one, which I should have done in the first place. I'll also be hauling back the records themselves, but that's another story.