July 21st, 2007


Feels Like Sunday

Because I got everything done this morning that I had planned. Actually got some things done last night I was going to put off till today. I must need better drugs.

But first, best wishes on his natal day to mastersantiago, magician,  raconteur and published author.

Last night I unboxed the 20x30 frames, mounted  four of the five posters I'd had printed (numma five blew up badly - looks a little blurry) and re-tubed number six, which was printed as a gift for a friend in Canada. And walked the cardboard boxes the frames were shipped in to the cardboard recycler dumpster.

This morning started with a trip to Kaiser's lab for a fasting blood test, which took way long because there was quite a crowd there. Took my final paycheck to the bank, waited in line way too long at the Sunnyvale main PO to mail the poster to Canada, stopped for a quick snack, and got my nails done. Then did some research on available photo frame sizes - and found that most of the frames they sell these days are:
1. Over-priced
2. Matted for a much smaller photo
3. All about the frame instead of the photo

I'm sure there are lots of people to whom the framed picture is part of the home furniture collection, and as far as decorative value goes, the frame is as important, or maybe more important than the photo. I ain't one of those people. I just need a way to keep the photo flat, protected and hangable. I don't want or need 10 lbs of mahogany or split bamboo or twisted hub cap metal to distract from the photographic goodness.

Okay, maybe I will go for a split bamboo frame for my elephant photos. Maybe. But probably not.

It looks like my next batch will be down-sized to 11x14, which means they will also be cropped. Unless I can find inexpensive ready-made 10x15's. Not likely.

It's a gorgeous day, hot and sunny, i suppose i should take the bicycle out for a spin.