July 28th, 2007


On A Clear Day...

As promised, a snapshot of my crystal clear betta tank:

I took about 50 photos of the fish, only to discover the tank is dirty on the outside - I'll windex it off and try again tomorrow.

Lots Done, Not Much To Do

The morning started out with A Plan™. It was all about the car:

Car wash
Oil Change
Get an estimate on a paint job

All three were done, though there was a bit of a wait for the last two items. The oil change folks said I have a leak, so tomorrow I'll probably take the car to the shop to have it looked at. The painting estimate came in at $600, which is about what I'd figured, but the 5 days in the shop was a bit more than I thought it would need. Not a huge problem, but a rental will add some more to that tally.

More to do today - change the litterbox and do the laundry. The next Dr. Who DVD arrived yesterday, along with three Netflix rentals, but I may bring those with me to Seattle and watch them on my laptop in the hotel.

Vista has stopped putting my computer to sleep when I hit the sleep buttons - on the keyboard or on the main unit, or in the windows menu. This is very annoying, as it was working Friday. I suspect it may have something to do with dual boot, because it started messing up after I'd booted to XP, which is where I am now, because I am slurping up video from Tivo, and Tivo has not seen fit yet to update their software to support Vista. I'll probably not spring for the newly lower-priced HD model until they fix that omission.

Anyhow, I have checked all my power settings, and even tried creating a new one, but nothing has worked. And it still keeps forgetting my "no password on wake-up" setting. Highly annoying, and something I consider a show-stopper. QA should have caught this early, as it's a basic Vista function and one of the more popular ones out there. When I worked at Sony, we had a  series of QA tests for all the sleep/hibernate combinations, and beat them up pretty thoroughly. They worked well in XP SP2. I guess I'm more pissed off than usual because they broke something which had been working for years.

Time to spend Quality Time with my socks. L8er.