August 3rd, 2007


Hi from South King County

So many posts to read, but I'm wiped so I'll post before I forget that's why I logged in.

I'm at the lovely SeaTac Doubletree, they charge for internet, but it's wired and reasonable-ish ($10/day room charge). Got here by way of driving I-5 for most of 2 days.

Left Wednesday morning at 9:30, took 237 to 680 to 580 to 5 @ Tracy. Amazing, this only took about 25 minutes. Drove with stops every 2 hours at rest stops, plus one stop for gas near Redding, till I got to Ashland, where I visited bigcatroary's parents, who are also long-time theater friends of mine. More, really, they are family AFAIC. Visiting them were Maurice and Judy, also theater folks. I'd met Judy once or twice before at theater doings. Maurice and Judy made me think of a gay man and woman who were domestic partners. I'm not saying they answer that description, just that it popped into my head while we were talking.

Got to Ashland at 4 pm, which gave us time to chat and have dinner, and then we headed for Ashland's Cabaret Theater to see Smoky Joe's Cafe.As I said in my voiceposting, avoid it like the plague. Not just the Ashland production, all productions. The concept is All Wrong, and while it did not help that the only convincing Motown-style singer in the cast was the token white guy, and the woman doing the Big Momma Thornton solos was Irish, nothing would have helped this show. Shooting the choreographer would have helped a little, but not enough. Someone needs to take the best dozen tunes, weave them into a story, add a narrator maybe, and write dance steps which fit the music instead of looking like Michael Jackson meets Paula Abdul on meth and steroids. And if you're going to keep the tap number, find a dancer who has gotten past 6th grade tap class. It's also nice if they can arrange for the singers and the band to find the same tempo.  I'll stop here - yes there's more. Cabaret Theater is worth the side trip if you're doing the Shakespeare festival, but go early for the dinner & order  intermission dessert, and wait till Smokey has blown out of town.

Woke up too early Thursday, went back to sleep till 7, and wandered upstairs. Our hostess made Denver scrambled eggs for us, very good breakfast, some chatting, I took some group photos and then I loaded up the car and headed north on I-5. After half an hour I felt like going back and taking a nap, but a stop at the nest rest stop for a bottle of Coke cured that. Did my 2-hours then stop thing. Got gas near Albany, still have half a tank left. The Corolla gets excellent mileage @ 65 mph. Better than 55 by maybe 10%.  Took 205 to avoid Portland, but 205 was not any faster, as it is 55 mph and there was a lot of construction slowing things down.

Got to Seatac at 6, had dinner at Johnny Rocket's in Southcenter mall, and then went to the parental manse, where my Baltimore sister was waiting and her son came in from a "jog" soon after. We went through the house looking for stuff we wanted to take home with us. Sister is shipping her things back, I'll pile stuff into the car. Looks like I will be adopting two sewing machines, one portable, one in a cabinet, if it fits in the car.

I'm pooped. Time for bed. I'll be here till Monday, so LJ friends in Seattle who want to meet up, ping me.mistymarshall & bridget_coila I have your sapphires.

Plans for tomorrow - hang out with my family, watch the Blue Angels from Mom & Dad's deck. Pick up Poulsbo sister and brother-in-law at the ferry.  Take nephew to Thai lunch either tomorrow or Saturday and teach him how to say "make it hot enough to burn my tongue off" in Thai. He is complaining that in Alexandria, VA he can't get them to make the Thai food hot enough. Play at night.