August 4th, 2007



One of my primal fears is to be caught on a bridge during an earthquake. My heart goes out to everyone in Minneapolis who had their bridge drop out from under them. It was very gratifying to hear how people rushed in to help pull folks out of the wreckage. June of 2005 I was in Minneapolis on business - the business was in Clear Lake, IA but I had lots of time to kill waiting for my flight home so I went to downtown Minneapolis and walked across bridges for several hours. When I first heard the news, I thought maybe I had been risking life & limb. But no, the bridges I was on were much older, and are not Interstate bridges


BAs and Thai Fire Food

Slept in, went to the folks' place at about noon, sister & nephew were out at Starbucks using wifi. The Blue Angels did their show in very clear skies (it was iffy in the morning, lots of clouds) and made a couple of somewhat close passes, but nothing like what they sometimes do, right over the rooftop. Will see tomorrow what happens for the main show (this was preliminary). Took off after the show and heard on the radio there was a major flip-over in heat 1B, the driver apparently is okay. Tomorrow are heats 2 and 3 and finale.

Went to the U district, U Bookstore had a lot of T-shirts and sweats and stuff, but not a lot of designs I liked. Ended up getting 4 T-shirts and a couple of decals. And an hour free parking validation. Walked around the U district and took some photos, found my first apartment ($68/mo) and shot pix. It looks about the same, only more run down. They kept the gaudy paint job which went with the head shop it was above, but now there's a Subway and Pho place there. I'll post pix later. The BA pix so far are disappointing- the VR lens is not doing its job at all. Will have to cheat and boost the ASA and go to shutter mode at 1/8000. Which do I want - grainy & sharp or low grain & blurry? Gak.

Across the street and one block south of the old apartment, I found Thai-Grrr, which mistymarshall recommended. It was too early for dinner, but this is a for real authentic Thai place with the cook right up front, so I asked the guy if he spoke Thai, and he said yes. So I made up a little white lie - I told him my wife is Thai, and she complains that in the States she can't get "hot-hot" Thai food, and could they please make her some red curried chicken "hot enough for her face to ignite". The waiter and the cook both understood the problem, and she whipped up a batch of super-hot curry. I also got hot-hot green curry beef and the obligatory rice. Interesting, he asked me what kind of rice I wanted, as in white or brown, and when I said white (in Thai it's the word for "pretty") he said "I, not red rice, then?" I guess the Thai for brown rice is "red". Which is amusing because red rice is considered poison by Thais. We had a nice chat, and he also threw in some shredded BBQ pork which he said the cook made special for her Thai friends. That was sweet. Both portions of curry were big enough for 2 people, and the bill came to $17 plus change, very reasonable for dinner for four. I'll second Misty's recommendation, and add that this is the most authentic Thai place I have been in, ever, in Seattle. The only comparable one was in south Berkeley in the 80's. So thanks, Misty.

So last night the CDs I'd made from Mom's collection of 78's was locking up the laptop, but when I asked the parental units, they said they played fine, so I just went online and found a firmware upgrade for the DVD/CD drive. That fixed the problem, and all the tracks I was not able to copy are now on the laptop, and by the end of the evening I should have all the CDs copied. Maybe. Looks like it is locking up again. May be a heat problem.

Time to grab dinner. More tomorrow.