August 9th, 2007



The cable box was still on the channel for the Giants game when I turned it on last night, just in time to see Barry hit #757. And one of the pitchers, Matt Cain, hit a homer too. Amazing. One thing which was drowned out in the 756 hooplah is the fact that before Bonds hit his HR, the other Barry, pitcher Barry Zito, knocked in his first ever RBI on a sacrifice fly.

And no, I'm not a baseball fan. I think it is only slightly more boring to watch than it is to play. Most of the team stands around, spitting, while most of the other team sits around, spitting.

Clone Me!

Too much is happening Saturday. I'm going to see Avenue Q 2 pm performance in the City, which means I won't get to:
CC26 swim & greet
SJ Jazz festival
City Lights' The Full Monty which a friend is involved in
Juvie at Dragon Productions in Palo Alto
Carousel at Foothill CC

But since I'll be in the city I may get to Writers with Drinks, maybe

And I still need to edit , photoshop and webberize the photos from my trip. And burn backup CDs of the 78's. And make some DVDs from TiVo.