August 11th, 2007


Sci-Fi Channel's Flash Gordon - One thumb...

...up its rectum.

This series is so wrong in so many ways. Flash is a James Dean type grease monkey. He has no rocket ship - instead he has found a gadget which lets him find and open a wormhole his genius father discovered. The wormhole is a pathway to Planet Mongo.

Ming is not "the merciless" and looks like James Dean's dad, only shorter. The Mongo people look completely human, except Ming's courtesans who look like humans in Tammy Faye makeup. Costumes are uninspiring.

The acting isn't bad, which is also wrong. Flash's mom has a great scene when she thinks Flash is getting back together with his high school sweetie Dale (who is engaged to a nondescript police detective).

However, if they had just made up new character names and treated this as the non-derivative program that it really is, it would be pretty good. Too late now...
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