August 14th, 2007


Two's Day

Got up a little early to go to Kaiser's big house in Santa Clara for blood tests. Results of all but one are already online, and it's all good.

Already posted about work.

Monday lunch was at Andy's BBQ which is a short hop from work near San Thomas on el Camino. Used to be in Campbell and was a great place to go for pre-Gaslighter dinner. You open the 5-inch-thick wooden door and are staring into a furnace. The place was like an oven. The place was an oven. Then they moved. The new place is boring, restaurant seating to the right, bar and lounge seating to the left, no view at all of the food prep. And the food is nowhere near as good as it used to be. I went Monday because that's the only day of the week they have beef ribs (used to have them every day) and ordered the 7-piece special, expecting to take home 4. Nope, there wasn't much meat on the bones, and what there was was dry. I took 2 home only because I was late getting back to work. One redeeming thing is three out of four of the waitresses are seriously cute.

Tonight after work and a quick stop at home, it was Stardust. Not worth the newly inflated $10 price. Some excellent special effects, some downright annoying ones. I think they may win an Oscar for makeup and be nominated for scenic design, but it is poorly directed, the plot meanders all over the place, none of the acting was adequate, even De Niro's, and part of that I think is the director couldn't decide whether to go for serious or over the top. Stayed all the way through the credits, expecting bloopers, but there were none. However, the music changed dramatically 9/10 of the way through to an easily-identifiable Offenbach piece, and the tag note at the end is slightly amusing. Fast forward the DVD, don't bother to wait for it in the theater.

Hauled out the cat carriers, as Pumpkin and Domino have their semi-annual appointment with farmount tomorrow.

Thursday I take myself to the dentist for a routine cleaning which may develop into a crown replacement. Either way I need the crown replaced so I can get other work done. Motorola has a very nice dental plan - they don't care which dentist you use, so none of this "out of plan" surcharge crap.