August 17th, 2007


Global Warming Myth

dinogrl posted a link to a recent news item I'd heard a couple of days ago on the radio, which reminded me I wanted to say a few politically incorrect words about the great global warming myth.

When I was a fledgling journalist back in the 70's in Astoria, Oregon, one of the issues had to do with floods, and how the greedy insurance companies were gouging home owners in the low-lying neighborhoods by using actuarial tables which went back 100 years. Turns out that about every 100 years there's a record-breaking flood. Which basically means weather cycles are about 100 years long. I'm over-simplifying here because my point is not changed by trivia such as sometimes it's 112 years and sometimes it's 80 years and sometimes it happens twice in a 5-year period. The point is, global warming is part of a cyclical weather pattern which we can expect to peak about every 100 years.

Accurate global weather statistics have not been kept for anywhere close to 100 years. It's only been since the advent of the network of weather satellites that we've had global stats capability.

What I'm saying is we're merely approaching the peak of a cycle. The same way the dust bowl days of the 1920's and 30's are now a distant memory, this year's Gorefest will be forgotten 80 years from now.

I'm not saying we shouldn't try to save the rain forests or drive cleaner vehicles. I'm just saying we shouldn't be all in a panic about it.

Which reminds me of something Henry Kissinger said when he was asked about the threat from Chile when a socialist was elected president there:
"Chile - an arrow pointed right at the heart of Antarctica."