August 24th, 2007



It took the dentist half an hour to pop the crown off, after lots of anesthetic and drilling. Apparently someone had walked off with her pliers. All told, two hours in the chair, lots of it waiting to get numb, waiting for the impression to set, waiting for the dentist to finish the next step with the patient in the next room who was also having a crown done. While I waited I read Breakfast With Scot. I'm almost done. Review will follow when I finish, but the one-liner is "not worth full price". The concept is excellent, the execution not so much. But I digress. The pain killers she gave me after the work was done have worn off long since, I really should pop some Ibuprofen before I go to sleep.

The good news is Motorola pays 80% of all dental work, minus a $100 deductible. Bottom line is this cost me about half what I was expecting to pay (the dentist gave me a big discount for customer loyalty). It also means I can afford the next step - replacing a partial - after the crown is done (in 3 weeks).

Got to work a little before 2, the lab IT guy had racked my new machines and given them IP addresses, but it's up to me to hook up the video sources and outputs. Boss gave me a bug to regress shortly after I arrived. I couldn't get it to fail on the machine I had been using, so I stole its video connections and plugged those into the new machine, and it wouldn't fail either. Turns out it only fails with a particular French subtitled clip, one which ironically I had made at Microsoft way back last April, to show them an entirely different bug. Fixing that bug apparently caused this new problem.

After work I should have gone home, had dinner and hopped into bed. Instead I went to Fry's and got a 2Gb SD chip so I would have enough memory to shoot Raw + 10Mpx JPEG on Saturday's Scharffen-Berger tour. Also stopped at Target for sundries and at Safeway for soft things to eat. I am bummed because they were out of malted milk powder.

At home, the new DVD player for the bedroom had arrived. I set it up, and while it plays the home made DVDs and doesn't crap out on the cheap ones from the DVD factories like the old Sony did, I can't get my universal remote to learn anything but the power button, and it's a 3-key process to resume playing from where I left off. Most players do that automagically when you power off in the middle of a DVD.

Also messed a little with the Tivo HD unit - it won't show my non-HD paid channels. I guess I have to wait for the channel cards next week.

Tomorrow hopefully Fedex will have the other two DVDs ready to pick up. Have to pick up a prescription at Kaiser, too.

Now I really need to take drugs and go to bed.