August 30th, 2007


Toys, I may need just 1 more

So, I have Tivo HD fully acting as my HD cable box, and it is getting even more channels than the cable box did, thanks to Tivo not having a religion about which digital channels should be tagged as favorites.

The two DVD players are set up, and it seems I need one more HDMI gadget because the one in the livingroom has that option, but the TV only has one HDMI input. I have ti using component at the moment, and the quality is fine, so I may leave it like that. But it would be nice to have either an HDMI switch or a receiver which can take multiple HDMI inputs and shoot the audio out the surround sound speakers. Current configuration is audio goes to the Sony receiver/amp, video goes straight to the TV set. I prefer simpler.

Meanwhile, am in the computer room (duh!) and the second DVD player is happily showing a DVD+R which the previous player choked on. Mission accomplished. That means I won't be wasting my time burning the other Tivo-captured DVD.

Also arriving in the past few days were 4 2GB SD memory chips and one 8GB , and a pair of extra batteries, all for the camera. And a copy of Ulead Video Studio 11 and Omniscan 16.

Last night I slurped the eclipse video off the camcorder, will do some editing on it tomorrow, I think, and maybe post some on Youtube.

After work tonight I headed for Orchard Valley coffee house in Campbell, my favorite hangout in that town. Met with several Peace Corps alumni, and one woman who is applying to be a volunteer. She's in her 50's, and it sounds like is looking at Peace Corps as a divorce rebound tool. But she has an excellent background for PC, so lots of good advice was given. The main thrust of the advice is you never know what it's going to be like over there, but that's a huge part of the thrill. Oddly, three of us are engineers, two are teachers. There are not many Peace Corps volunteers who go into tech and stay involved in PC doings.

Lots of eye candy in that place. Well worth going out of my way to visit.


OOOh! Shiny!

Picked up the car, the paint job looks great. It is the exact color, right down to the subtle pearlescence. They did such a good job it doesn't look artificially new, it looks like a car should look if it's taken care of (which is something I definitely didn't do). The final cost was exactly the price on the estimate.

Before picking it up, I dropped off the rental car, and when I told them about the burned out dome light they knocked off a day's rental. So that's two days less than planned.

Hopefully, the increase in trade-in will be double the cost of the paint/rental.

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Dragon Tail

cinchntouch pointed this one out. I agree with the analysis:

You're a Dragon!
Noble, regal, and highly misunderstood, you're a bit of a loner at heart. You like caves, the sky, and other vast expanses of air where you can blow off steam. You and people like you got a lot more respect in the old days, but now your type only shows up in songs about young children. They're the only people who really believe in your potential. As long as you believe in yourself, and don't breathe directly at anyone, you'll be okay. You have a strange liking for string and sealing-wax.
Take the Animal Quiz at the Blue Pyramid.

And if johnnyeponymous is reading this, he should go here and tell me if it's good fodder for SFinSF. I wrote it a long time ago, forgot all about it till the quiz reminded me.