August 31st, 2007


A cat question

This is mostly for cat_herder and farmount who Know These Things.

There is a stray cat who hangs around the courtyard of my apartment complex, which is right in front of my unit. This is a very pretty, friendly, DLH calico who appears just a little under-fed, and walks like she has been hit by a car at some earlier time. I have my 2-cat quota, otherwise would adopt her. She so obviously would make a wonderful companion kitty that I don't want to call Animal Control and risk her being put down. Any suggestions?
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There May Be Hope

Watched the 49ers and Raiders last night, had to since I had chips and dip which were on sale at Safeway. Raiders were playing the Seahawks, so I had three teams to root for.

The 49ers look like they have the talent to be a .500 team this year, but I am not sure about the coaching. There were some chicken decisions made which were even more chicken considering it's a pre-season game, the best time to try a 4th-and-long drill or an out of place on-side kick. There were at least two 4th-and-2 plays where they punted. Chickens.

The Raiders are solid. They've had great defense, but no offence. With two good QBs and a receiver or two, they look like a possible wild card or better. Seattle out-lasted them, and also looked like a playoff contender. The offensive line needs to stay awake for 4 quarters, though.

I wish the Seahawks would go back to the original uniforms. The teal-ish color makes me want to puke. They still have the best logo in the NFL, though.

Am I leaving out San Diego? Yes, I am.

Don't You Just Love It When...

Over on cinchntouch's pages, someone is trying to argue with me by re-defining a common, well-established word with their own meaning. It worked for Humpty Dumpty in the Alice books, why shouldn't it work for them too?

Following my policy of not attempting a battle of wits with an unarmed person, I'll let that thread fester where it is. Besides, it is well off the point of the original topic, and I don't need to clutter up a friend's page.

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