September 3rd, 2007


Trying not to be jealous is easy

Reading kevin_standlee's posts about worldcon ought to make me jealous, a worldcon in another country sounds amazing, and I've never been to Japan. He has been so busy being a con man mover and shaker that it doesn't sound like he's had much time for fun. OTOH, while I'm not there to enjoy it, I appreciate him and those like him who work hard to create the fun for the rest of fandom.

And then there's jaylake, whose worldcon visit made whirlwinds look like they were standing still. Not my idea of a good time, but again, so good he was willing and able to squeeze the tube from the bottom and give the fans the last drops.

When kevin_standlee starts posting about his train trip, then I'll be jealous. Japan's famous for its trains, and it's my preferred form of travel. Last summer I circumnavigated Great Britain by train, and have lost track of my Amtrak and Thai Rail mileage.

There is someone...

...not on LJ, with whom I have something in common which normally would make us "brothers under the skin". But I can't stand him. And he can't stand me. Very sad.

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Damn Kelly Bluebook

Looks like my expectations were set too high for my car trade-in by using Kelly Bluebook online. Edmunds, which is a popular and respected total pricing site, says my trade-in is at most worth $2600. So $2k is not as out of line as I thought. So much for Toyota's reputed high trade-in value. Looks like anything older than 5 years is worth bupkiss. Or maybe that's buttkiss.