September 4th, 2007


I keep forgetting to post this

UW Huskies, last year possibly the worst team in the nation, last week clobbered Syracuse 42-12. I watched the last half and was impressed. Okay, Syracuse is no BCS champion team, but scoring 42 points against anyone is something the Purple & Gold have not been capable of for several years.

Maybe when they make their Bay Area road trip this year, I'll show up with my baritone and sit with the band.

Greetings from the OK corral

Damn, I forgot to phone farmount to see if she was free for lunch tomorrow. Dropping the cats off with her practice for their shots, probably will pick them up around lunchtime. I'll leave  note when I drop them off.

Quiet day at work, I was the lucky guy who got to test the Gold Master disk with the latest software we've just signed off on. Caught a couple of small cosmetic things, they fixed 'em quickly and now there's something to send to manufacturing to get duplicated for the customers. Next project is testing bugs which have been fixed in the upcoming version, but it turns out to be somewhat tedious paperwork searching to find them. This early in the project, boss has not created the assignment database which have those things sorted for us. So I spent about an hour testing and an hour reading through tests and finding out that most of the fixes are in the build we have not been given yet.

Lunchtime, found a couple of good candidates to replace the broken projector belt. Took them home, and installed one, and that seems to work. It required un-mounting  the motor and the fan housing, which was mildly tricky, but as I've said before, it's a simple machine. After the initial power-up test, I mounted the first reel (400') and discovered Dad had rewound it backwards. 8mm film is 16mm film cut down the middle, it only has sprockets on one side. The reels Dad put them on only mount in one direction. The take-up reel which came with the projector can mount from either side, so I had to rewind the film onto that, flip it over, swap reels, and then rewind the film back to the original reel. Which is when I found out that the fast rewind lever was not working. So after hand-winding twice, I opened the box up again and pushed the gears into place. It was just a matter of the grease having caked up, and needing some gentle force to turn it from glue to lube.

The projector makes a lot of noise, so I'm going to have to do this project during the day, weekend. Also need to put a book under the converter and put the camcorder on a tripod.

 After work I went to Kaiser's new hospital to see if my prescription was ready. One bad thing about Kaiser's pharmacy service is you can't look uip anything online unless you know the prescription number. So if the doctor is sending a new prescription, you either have to wait on hold forever to reach a pharmacist, or go down and ask. The doctors and pharmacy folks can punch in your ID number and see all your prescription history, I don't know why they don't open that up to the online system. Walgreens does, it makes life so much less mysterious. Turns out my doctor had sent the order to Mountain View, which is where she works and I usually pick up prescriptions, except since this was a holiday weekend and MV was closed but the hospital was open, I'd asked for it to be sent to the latter. No problem, they filled it for me, it just took an extra 20 minutes. And two days.

Plans for tomorrow - drop the cats off at Banfield first thing. If I'm early enough, go to the PO to mail my water bill payment and separate complaint letter to their company president by registered mail. No plans for after work.

Disappointed that BASFA is meeting at the Newark Round Table again next week. I won't be there. I do plan to be at the Coco's the week after.
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