September 21st, 2007


Best 200+ Rodeo Photos now on Flickr

They're called steers, but despite the handy handlebars, they don't steer well at all.

258 of my favorite (out of ~ 4300) photos from last weekend's rodeo are now on my Flickr pages at their full resolutions. Copyright rule are simple: if you're in them, you can use them for any non-commercial purpose with attribution. I've also given the rodeo permission to use any shots for promotional purposes. bovil and kproche have the full set of all my rodeo pictures, and follow similar rules.

Photos in the set are in chronological order** and cover these events:
Mounted Breakaway Roping
Chute Dogging
Pole Bending
Bronc Riding
Steer Decorating
Grand Entry
Bull Riding
Goat Dressing
Wild Drag Race
Barrel Racing
Flag Racing
Steer Riding
Open Field Proposing

plus there are a few miscellaneous Art shots. :-)

**I may need to tweak the order - am  not sure if Flickr knows how to handle hundredths of a second in the EXIF time stamp. Most renaming software doesn't, and Nikon's (which does) may not rename the actual file as well as its database name. I'll find out as soon as it stops crashing in Vista. Some of the sequences of photos are 3 frames a second.

Clicky clicky 


I left home this morning with a pair 7GB downloads started from Roxio's  Digital River service, and at their crawling non-speed of 47kbps it was going to take 4 hours. Got home, expecting to install the files, and they were not there. From the blinking 0's on the microwave, its appears we had a short power outage. My keyboard was not responding, so I did a shutdown and restart to fix that. PS2 keyboard is a BIOS thing, usually a soft reboot won't help. So now I'm downloading again, and @#$%^&* Digital River is still at a dial-up crawl. I'll be complaining to Roxio about this - there's no excuse for tin can on a string server speeds, ever.

Went into my email to find the eBay U confirmation pdf, and it seems I never received it. Do have the paypal receipt, so will bring that along.


Help Me Decide a Bet

A friend of mine who is not signed up on LJ but does lurk here from time to time invited me to an ice cream sundae party at her house, and I brought the whipped cream and syrups. She made the sundaes with the whipped cream and syrup reversed from what I thought was the correct way, and when I commented on this she went ballistic. She also served them in what I would call a lame excuse for sundae ware.

So please vote, and help us decide:

Poll #1059340 Ice Cream Sundae

The correct way to build an ice cream sundae is:

Syrup first, then whipped cream on top
Whipped cream first, then syrup on top

An Ice Cream Sundae should be made in a:

Tall glass
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