September 22nd, 2007


It's Still Saturday

Went to the eBay University class "Beyond The Basics" which I expected to go into some depth on the batch sales tools and be pitched at people who are already eBay personal sales experts who want to launch into the big time. Hands-on would have been nice. Instead it was a double ballroom completely  filled with people, listening to a very basic slide show with a lot of overlap from what I would imagine the basic class contains.

One reason I signed up is they said Griff would teach the basic part. Turns out he was teaching an entirely different eBay For Idiots class across the hall in another double-ballroom. I got a quick glimpse of him surrounded by people asking questions during the lunch break, but that was all.

The presenter was okay, a tall blonde woman who said she was the second support person for eBay (Griff was the first). She pretty much just read what was on the slides, adding a lot of personality but zero extra information. The slides were two years old and while they were very readable, many of them were out of date, some showed features which no longer exist and other features were missing completely. The lecturer did a little bit of live online browsing, but the connection was slow and unreliable. They did not have a pre-planned method for taking questions from the sea of faces, so when the first Q&A took place just before the first break, there was no mike. A Marriott minion found an FM mike, but he had no idea how to use it (he insisted on holding it at right angles to the person talking). In the 4 Q&A sessions he continued to be clueless, and his general attitude qualifies him for an Ask Me About My Lobotomy button.

There was a lot of new (for me) information. The $59 I paid for the class was not outrageous, but I'd say that between the cattle car feel to the venue, the cheaply printed copy of the slides, the outdated slides and the lack of detail in the course, it was worth maybe $25.

There was a small section on PayPal presented by a woman from that side of the house,  and there was a small bit of useful info - I didn't know about the Premier account allowing me to accept credit cards- but most of it was basic stuff.

As we got closer to 4 pm, the presenter was visibly wearing out, she looked like she had not slept much in the past few weeks, and whipped through the final 20 slides very quickly.

There were a couple of subtle Griff jokes embedded in the demo. He was on the example "blocked bidders" list, for instance.

It was not a total loss. I have a page of eBay "to do" items scrawled on the inside cover of the printout. Well, it's not really a cover, since it is made of the same cheap paper as the rest of the book.

The good news is class let out early enough for me to get back to Mountain View and have my nails done. The rain zapped my other item for today, to get the car washed. Still need to change the litterbox.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hmm. Probably stay indoors and sell stuff on eBay. Find a place to put stuff away which my new toys have displaced. I really need to make the office space more efficient. This might call for completely re-arranging the computer space so it faces a different direction. Or is no longer U-shaped. Or something. The way it is now, I can't easily get to the book cases or balcony door. Must think.

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