October 20th, 2007


I Can Haz Nu Toyz

Went back to AudioWerk this morning at 11, they estimated an hour and a half for the installation so IK took a walk - ended up at Valley Fair about half an hour later. The Stevens Creek/280 overpass is set up like a game of frogger, only less geometrical. They need pedestrian crossing lights for the two on-ramps. The off-ramps are not too bad because you can see the cars half a mile down the spiral. Sat and read, after a short attack by a pretty Israeli kiosk girl. They are selling Dead Sea skin care products. When I told her I wasn't interested, she asked if she could show me something about my fingernails. I almost had to pick her up off the floor when she saw my manicure job. She wasn't expecting beautiful nails on a shabby old man. I almost wish they had products I was interested in - the Israeli kiosk girl patrol is very pretty, and they are all just the right height to give a beautiful view of cleavage. And of course they dress to accent this feature. But I'm not about to treat my skin with mud which has enough magnesium salts in it to develop film with. Not to mention the sulfur.

Starbucks had too long a line so I walked down to a rest area with nice comfortable chairs, and read some more of cmpriest's Not Flesh nor Feathers - the third volume in her Eden ghost story series. I am not a fan of ghost tales or zombie adventures, but her style is so fast-paced and easy to read that I'll read whatever she publishes.

Got back to the shop at 12:45 but they were still working. While I was gone they were hit with a flood of customers, and it was another hour before I was out of there - about 15 minutes of that timer was spent re-parking cars so I could get to mine. But they do good work, and the price is reasonable.

Had a late lunch at Niko on Winchester, a sushi buffet. Not worth the $14 but not bad. I had some fun eating lime Jello with chopsticks. And a big WTF hit me when I recognized the music they were playing was Theresa Teng (I have the CD - they played the whole thing). Dead Hong Kong Chinese diva in a Japanese restaurant?

Back home, I'll spend some time programming the station presets into the new car stereo. CD Text works great, and since it's bright LEDs on a dark background, I can see it with sunglasses on.

Also need to hit Safeway for salad makings.

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