October 21st, 2007


Childhood Poetry

Some movie is being advertised during the Raiders game which has the protagonistas moving through the sewers. And it made me remember:

By the sewer he lived
By the sewer he died
They said it was murder
But it was really sewer-side

And now back to our regularly scheduled program
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Laser Tag

Taking a clue from susandennis, I picked up a laser pointer at the local Pet Club, and tried it out as a kitty toy. Domino now ignores it, after a few minutes of casually following the light with her eyes. Pumpkin avidly follows it with his whole head, and once in a while will try to pounce on it if I wiggle it a little, and I can get him to jump up a little and circle around if I make it look like it is coming around to attack his tail. But he seems to understand now that the light is coming from the thing in my hand, and he's not as eager to look foolish.

Pumpkin has been having some hairball issues lately, so I bought a new product called a hairball stick (eeeew!) which is basically petromalt in the form of one of those push-up deodorant sticks. By way of a trial I waved it under Domino's nose (she doesn't need it) and she gobbled it up like it was elixir of the cat gods. I had to take it away before she slurped up the whole thing. I tried it with Pumpkin, and he was not interested at all. Each time I took it out to give to him, Domino would run up from wherever she had been curled up asleep. Sigh.

The same company which makes this also makes some tartar control "treats". Turns out it is the same crappy foam-like substance which my vet had me try a couple of months ago. Pumpkin ate one which I'd tossed on the floor for Domino, but the look on his face was "got milk?". Both refused to have anything to do with another one.

Finished Not Flesh nor Feathers. I think I'm satisfied with the ending, but I think I'll wait for the movie to come out. Perhaps they will add the obligatory "steamy sex in the Channel 3 van while zombies prowl the parking garage" scene.

Face of Evil DVD is done. Hurrah!

Somewhere during cranking that out, the RAID array decided it needed to rebuild. Bummer. Irony city - I forgot before re-launching the DVD program this morning that I wanted to install the latest RAID software. Now I have to wait till the rebuild is done, which means running the PC all night, probably. For a variety of reasons I don't like to leave the PC on when I won't be using it for 4+ hours.

Planning to be at BASFA tomorrow, never have been to Sonoma Chicken Coop, and am curious to see if that upstairs room is a decent venue. I will be bringing a few auction items, including the bail bond refrigerator magnet from the SiliCon 2007 gift bag, and a tiny zip-lock bag with 17 even tinier star sapphires and star rubies suitable for costume jewelry. One or two have nice stars, but the gems are too small for my collection - the whole bag is maybe 2.5 carats. I guess I should post that to the BASFA LJ.

Time for football.
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