October 30th, 2007


Cake and Edith, Too

Okay, so I lied about the cake. This is especially for edith_mf because I'm 99% sure she doesn't know about The Drink Tank fanzine, but also for all my corset-loving/corset-building friends. You know who you are.

johnnyeponymous is working on a special corset-themed issue of his fanzine The Drink Tank - published only online - and is looking for contributions. Photos, articles, fiction, art, anecdotes, patterns, whatever corset-themed stuff you can muster, please pop over to his LJ and let him know. He'll furnish you with his long and cumbersome email address (or you can just pluck it from one the issues cleverly hidden here).
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Auctioned Off

Not that there was ever any doubt of her worth, but last night's BASFA auction price for birthday girl melchar went well above average.

I'd be tempted to say I wish I looked that good at that age, but I'm already past that age, and didn't.

Best wishes, Barbara!
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Progress Report

Denvention 3 (2008 Worldcon) progress report 1 is online, and I am impressed. The cover art is spectacular, there is much information per square inch, and they are not shy about telling about some of the issues they are facing, but without making excuses.

In their listing by area of membership numbers, I was amused to see there are more than twice as many CA members as CO members. Though they don't break it down by supporting/full. The KC committee which lost to Montreal in its bid for 2009 has an extremely gracious full-page ad congratulating the winners.

All in all, an impressive report, it raises a notch or two my interest in upping my membership from supporting to attending.

See it here.
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