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No Work, Had Time for a 20-minute phone interview

Up early, at work early. Handled some email, no news from Europe about three devices I am waiting on them to update. A bug I filed on James Bond showed up with questions from the mfg engineers in Taiwan, but the questions were for a different bug which I had closed because they fixed it. And they were questions for YouTube, not Android. And probably the answers are proprietary, so good luck with that.

Fired up James to see if it could run Netflix, but it doesn't seem to be able to. So I tested 5.1 audio by playing Black Panther on Google Play Movies. Very loud audio on that movie. Pretty good mixing, especially voices. With the sound off, some of the CGI looks fake. Excellent audio always makes the video seem better.

Several charges appeared on my Discover Card, renewals of magazines which were free, they were supposed to send me cancellation reminders, but either they didn't or I missed them. Two phone calls to an automated system canceled all 6.

Email and a phone call from the one recruiter from India I can actually understand. He's a Sikh, which explains a lot. Very interesting manual test job with the leading 3D visor company. As an employee of the consulting company, vendor status with the client, not contractor so none of this 6 months off after 2 years crap. Doubles my commute, but not a huge issue with the commuter lane pass. Unlike Google, their shuttle is free, but taking the train would cost more than driving.

The hourly rate is a lot higher than I'm getting, and they have vacation time. But holidays are not covered - vacation time could be used, but that only leaves 5 days. Which is 5 days more than I have now.

Went to my old desk and found it occupied by two Chinese engineers from the crap TV company. One more reason to leave - we should not be doing anything more with that product. NP is doing the testing, probably because bozo manager is scared of me. As he should be.

I thought Boss would be back from vacation, but no. :-(

I thought the new lab would be quiet, but the loudest members of our group are in the desks nearest, and they are not just talking a lot, they stand. I do not understand this standing thing. The desks are motorized, they can raise up to over 5'.

Checked out the package drop area, it seems to be only for USPS and official stuff. So at about 5:30 I drove downtown, parked and walked a couple of blocks to the UPS store and dropped off the return. Amazon already refunded my money.

Stopped off at the Grocery Outlet hoping they would have American Singles in the huge container.

Back story: For the second time in a week, I took some of those to the bedroom and ate them as a bedtime snack. One of the few things which don't make a mess and I can eat without my dentures in. Spook came in, jumped up on the bed next to me and wanted some. Before Spot and Zoe, she would do that regularly.  I would break off a small piece, put it on the sheets in front of her, she would think about it for a bit and then eat it. Usually after two pieces she was done, and would go back to wherever she was going to park for the night.

Last night she didn't get there until I had eaten the last slice, so I got out of bed, went to the kitchen and got one more slice. But by the time I came back she was hunkered down under the linen rack, so I left a piece there. Spot kept coming in, wanting to bother her, but eventually she got to eat it. And while I was reading, somehow Spot got onto the bed and curled up at my feet without me noticing. Spook stared him down.

Well, GO not only had them, they were on sale for about 75% off. So I bought two. They freeze really well.

Delivered was my regular insulin. $12, the paperwork said. Last time it was almost $1k. I guess I'm over the out of pocket limit.

Still reading Jemisen's The Fifth Season. It's about half science fiction and half mythology, aka fantasy, but that's a lot better than it looks from the blurbs. Maybe it deserved a Hugo, maybe not. Her writing style is better than average, most of the time, but nowhere near Master level. Sherri S. Tepper she is not. Margaret Atwood she definitely is not. She's doing the two separate plots experiment, switching between two heroines and their male companions, the same world/time/society but one is a woman out to revenge her son's death, the other is out to hone her skills - skills which the first woman has but doesn't really know how to control.

I expect they will all end up in the same place at the same time, eventually. Jemisen has made the four characters easy to tell apart, very different names, different complexions, different personalities, though the two women act more alike than they might. I may actually finish the book. Don't think I'll buy the sequels though.

Dinner was mostly bought at GO, smoked turkey leg big enough for dinner & lunch. Cooked up mushrooms and half an onion, with minced garlic and fresh basil, in olive oil. Dessert was chocolate ice cream with walnut bits in honey & maraschino cherries. 

Watched PTI and am about to go back to Bachelors in Paradise, in which my favorite guy got up the nerve to break up with the airhead who had been ruining his life for the last 2 years. I read this morning that he will be the next Bachelor™. That should be fun.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe an interview
Maybe a movie

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