Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Quickly, Then Crash time

About 2 am I woke up soaked with sweat, turned on the overhead fan and in about an hour I was able to fall back asleep. For half an hour. Then after a pit stop slept till 6:30. Back to sleep till the 7:30 alarm woke me.

Went online, bought 25 shares of Nike on my brokerage account and another 100 on my IRA.

Work was going along fine till lunch.Had Safeway Thai peanut chicken, and strawberries. Unfortunately the strawberries had not been protected by the vinegar treatment, and at about 2:30 I started sweating, stumbled (literally) to the bathroom - then curled up in one of the Weinstein chairs. Back to the lab, was useless for the rest of the day, head on arms on desk.

5:30, back to the W chairs because I was not good to drive. Slept till 7. That helped, along with some packets of Cheese-its and water.

Home - traffic was sparse, got home okay.

Straight to bed. Spot kept me company.

Up at 10 for pizza & ice cream. Watched the second half of Bachelor in Paradise.

Took my meds, wrote this, going back to sleep.

Plans for tomorrow:
Fill in the blanks here
Work if I'm feeling better


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