March 15th, 2008


It's Like Being Kicked in the Gut

My PC won't boot. I'm on my laptop at Starbucks drowning my sorrows in unsweetened green tea, feeling cheated. My boot drive is a mirrored RAID array. If one drive fails (which is what happened) you're supposed to be able to just replace it with an identical drive (which I did) and endure some slow performance while it rebuilds the array. For my stuff that's usually overnight.

About 6% into the rebuild, the disk manager software (Intel's special one for their onboard RAID) burped and said the new drive had failed. Not likely, since this was a drive I had taken out of a working array and it's been sitting on the shelf for a couple of months. We were working fine on the one alive boot drive, so I shut down the machine and rebooted to see what the RAID BIOS said about the drive. Usually it comes back up.

Not this time. This time it showed BOTH drives as "Offline Member Disk". WTF? Intel doesn't even have this phrase on their web site.

What's even more weird is the RAID chip is working - I have two other drives mirrored, and they come up as a good volume with two good member disks. But that's my data drive, and it is not bootable. So I'm SOL for the moment, waiting to hear back (Monday probably) from Intel tech support.

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Good Thoughts

Been thinking good travel thoughts in the general direction of johnnyeponymous, who by now is probably in Merry Old England. I'm glad he won the TAFF election - he's a great person to have as an ambassador because he's fun. I wonder if there will be a Tiki panel at Eastercon.
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Musicals Quotes Answers

Answers in  red

Quotes from Musicals
Following are 15 quotes from musicals (G&S, Hollywood, Broadway and popular off-Broadway). Without using any kind of search engine, identify the musical. Extra points for naming the character who says the line, and if it's from a song, naming the song. All of these are available on CD or DVD.

1. Facts are the enemy of Truth
Man of La Mancha, Don Quixote line (dialog)

2. This is ridiculous, what am I doing here? I'm in the wrong story! gil_liant: "Into The Woods", the Baker's Wife, 'Anything Can Happen In The Woods'

3. The price, gentlemen, depends on the quality of the rape.
The Fantastiks, intro to the song Rape

4. Hey! I got a social disease! cinchntouch: West Side Story - Officer Krupke

5. The only thing constant is change.
Jekyll & Hyde, The Musical,  Dr. J in Board of Directors

6. Never be too disturbed if you don't understand what a woman is thinking - they don't do it very often.
Camelot, King Arthur in monologue break during How To Handle A Woman

7. A: Why is [deleted character name] beating his head against a tree? B: To loosen the bark, so the tree will grow faster. gil_liant: "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown", A=Linus, B=Lucy, [deleted character name]=Charlie Brown

8. A: Are you saying you know who I am, and it doesn't matter? B: I'm saying I don't know who you are, and it doesn't matter
Weird Romance/The Girl Who Was Plugged In, dialog in Eyes That Never Lie

9. When a cutthroat's finished jumping on his mother, how he loves to lie a-basking in the sun gil_liant: "The Pirates of Penzance", the Police Sergeant, 'A Policeman's Life Is Not A Happy One'

10. But it's Summer, and we're running out of ice.
Oklahoma, Poor Jud is Dead

11. Two millionaires with a dream are we, we're keeping romance alive
Sound of Music (Broadway version, cut from the film) How Can Love Survive

12. Child, If I had two dollars I would retire and never do a lick of work again
Kiss Me Kate, dialog

13. If you ever lose your teeth when you're out to dine, borry mine targeter: Anything Goes. Quack quack quack. cinchntouch: Friendship

14. You've got to be taught to be afraid / Of people whose eyes are oddly made, / And people whose skin is a diff'rent shade, / You've got to be carefully taught. cinchntouch: South Pacific

15. Solo for the President!
Annie, President Roosevelt in Tomorrow (reprise)
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