March 30th, 2008


Sunday Musings

It was sooooooo good to see scendan yesterday. She is so beautiful.  I really should move to Livermore.

Got Renee's DVD of the Celtics game finished. Roxio won't come up, but Ulead Video Studio 11 has a pretty good DVD menu maker, so I used that. Motion menus rock.

Am re-installing Photoshop CS3 for the umpteenth time. It keeps losing its link to its license key. This time for no apparent reason (last time was when I installed Pagemaker 7.0).

Talked to my folks this afternoon instead of the usual 9 pm call, since I may still be schmoozing with Man of La Mancha folks at 9. We meet and greet at 6:30.

Wanted to do some laundry, but someone beat me to it. Too late now. Tuesday, probably. Maybe when I move to Livermore I can find a place with a washer/dryer.

Made a first pass at uploading to Flickr the photos I want to show at BayCon art show, but need to goose the dpi on most of them. Which is why I need Photoshop to work. The plan is to buy a 4'x4' wall section, maybe two. Most photos will be 11x14. In theory that's 14 11x14s to a 4x4 space, but adding in room for bid sheets and space, I'll need two of those for my 20 pix. Maybe I'll do some 8x10s, though that strikes me as pretty small for Art™.

Need to ask my doctor to set me up with a take-home sleep apnea test. Or find a friend to sleep with me.

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