April 21st, 2008


Fud Glorious Fud

Last night I got back home after meeting a friend for coffee to discover that while I had been to Costco and picked up salad greens, cheese and breakfast croissants, the only meat in the house was frozen baked trout. So I packed myself off to Safeway and got some fried chicken and some assorted regular staples (limes, seltzer, egg beaters) then went trolling for beef. And they had very pretty tri-tip, or something a lot like it, boneless, more than an inch thick, for $1.79 a pound. Wow. Under $10 for two hefty slabs of meat.

Cleared some counter space in the kitchen, popped the chicken into the oven, slapped the meat onto a cutting board, stropped up my chef's knife and cut the beef into big-assed cubes & rectangles. Took down the crock pot and emptied a can of coconut milk into it. Not enough. Emptied the freezer compartment to grab from the bottom -- way back -- a frozen package of coconut milk good for another can's worth. Added a bit of water. Plopped in about 4 tablespoons of Thai green curry, stirred that in well, added a can of water chestnuts, threw in the beef cubes and set the cooker to 10-hour slow mode. It smelled real good this morning, but now I need to stop at the store on the way home from rehearsals (or maybe between work and rehearsals) and get the rest of my traditional ingredients: Baby corn, mushrooms, green peas and stock up on more coconut milk & water chestnut. All that can go on 4-hour fast cook tonight. Then the challenge will be where to put it all. The freezer is pretty much full right now.

At lunchtime today I scouted the neighborhood again where the set shop is alleged to be, and found it. It's on the wrong side of the street. The address is odd-numbered, but the building is on the even-numbered side of the street, set way back from the road. There's a sign near the main drag, but again it's the wrong side of the street. Google maps says the address is in the center of Saratoga-Sunnyvale Road. My GPS says it's on the west side between two strip mall sections (but all that's really there is a driveway leading to condos).

Looking forward to tonight's rehearsal. I have goodies for several people. Need to show the costumer some wellingtons and see if those will work for my outfit. And I re-did a page of dialog with a couple of lines which the director added, to give to the other folks who need to know them. And there's the apron for my stage wife. We're in a church in San Jose this time. One of the down sides to small community theaters is we often don't have a place of our own, and have to scrounge for rehearsal space. This time we're in another group's workshop/rehearsal space, Hoover theater, a church and Saratoga theater/city council chambers (where we perform, as does West Valley Light Opera).

Fun times at work, testing is done on the project I set up Friday, and this afternoon I had to put 4 out of 5 machines back the way I found them. Took about an hour.
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