April 28th, 2008


Very Full Day

I should be in bed, but the CC26 pix are still uploading to flickr. I do have today's online at my web site, lower resolution.

I got there in time for the parallel fashions runway event, and was mostly pleased with how it went. I was not pleased by the lack of good photo spots or the shortage of seats. I was also not pleased by the fire hazard electrical hookup
 or the placement of the tech table (it was way too big and took up prime photographer space - should have been in the far corner).

All the entries were very good, some were just plain effing amazing. The judges gave the awards immediately after each section of the event was completed, major instant gratification for both the audience and the contestants., They also made up some amusing and accurate names for the awards. Something else I applaud them for is they rewarded - and pointed out to the audience - examples of very hard work which only an expert who had been there - done that (or failed at) would recognize.

During and after the event there was a lot of opportunity to photograph people in costume taking pictures of people in costume.
It had turned into my con hobby.

I'll put together a posting on that sometime later this week.

Enjoyed the talk on how to get through airport security with costume odds and ends, given by a woman who has worked for SFO security, and is now a trainer for TSA. Excellent, but a couple of audience members kept interrupting.

Went to the time travel demonstration, and was surprised to see lady_leandra as the subject. The script had apparently originally been written with my long-lost heart throb Lisa S. in mind, but Jean played the part instead. Collapse )

Popped into the Gusts' "Smoke and Mirrors" presentation, just caught the end of it, but even that little bit was great. Also poked my head into the "Distressing Costumes" demo, wish I could have stayed. It figures that all five offerings in the 3-4 time slot were things I wanted to see.

I was about to bail, when I ran into scendan in the lobby, big wonderful surprise, so I got to give her the photo I'd been saving, and of course forgot to take one of us together. We headed for the cafe and were joined by  lady_leandra for a very enjoyable chat for about an hour, when I had to rush off to rehearsals.

A great way to end the con for me, though I would have liked to have seen the final masquerade.

Sunday photos are here.
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BKK Gargoyle

Announcing a New Community

This announcement is dedicated to mastersantiagoWhereas: Many of my friends are avid members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and
Whereas: The majority of people who lived during the time SCA attempts to emulate believed totally that God created the earth and its wonders in 6 days, then rested, and
Whereas: I was inspired at CC26 by the pun muse,
Therefore: I have created a new LJ community which combines these two concepts:

The Society for Anachronistic Creationism

This is a members-only community at the moment, please check the user info, and if you are not a member and wish to be, follow the instructions in the first posting on that site.

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Web site snafu

My web site home page was over-written by my photo gallery listing, and I can't fix it from work, so I'll go home at lunchtime and do that. What happened is I forgot to change directories when I uploaded the CC26 photos from yesterday, and so the photos and the gallery listing (which is named index.html, since it's the default file for the gallery folder) went into the home directory instead of the gallery directory.

I'm usually more awake at 2 am than this. Sigh.

Edit add: All better. The irony is my PC was still on because I had been burning a DVD backup of my web site.
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I just wanted to say for the record that CC26 was one of the best cons I have ever attended. I know my postings are always high on critique, and even my photos often poke fun and illustrate the darker side of things, so sometimes (and this is one of them) I need to just come right out and say I really had a great time and am throwing virtual roses at those who made it possible.

So kproche, thanks for a great time, bovil too!
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