May 6th, 2008


Short Break... the class. Good class on one of the machines in our lab which schedules and streams TV ads to our multiplexers. This is the technology which allows local TV stations to insert local ads into both local and national TV shows (thus re-assigning some of the ad $$ from the national to the local business units). Neat stuff, good teacher, free lunch.

Rehearsals last night were better than Sunday, we chopped 15 minutes off the run-through by not having to stop for anything major. Absolutely brilliant accompanist named Bob Sunshine (I've worked with him before at Lyric Theater and maybe elsewhere) also helped smooth things out. I'm feeling a lot more comfortable with the part, the set and my cues. Now if only I can remember what note to start on for my solo.

Pedro, the guitar-wielding Muleteer, has been using a guitar which is meant to plug into an amp - it's sort of acoustic, but not quite. It cannot be heard well enough on stage for the other muleteers to get the notes they need, so I'm bringing my really nice Gibson acoustic which I never did learn how to play more than 5 chords on, and offer it to him for the run of the show. It's more Spanish-looking than what he's using, and has a real nice loud acoustic sound. OTOH he may just be more comfortable with his own axe.

I may use my costume tonight, maybe. Don't have to till Sunday. No rehearsal tomorrow, Thursday is just a sit and sing with the orchestra, nothing Fri-Sat, first dress/Hell week begins Sunday.

For those of you who tuned in late, the show opens a week from Saturday, runs through June 7th, mostly Fri-Sun with a couple of Thurs thrown in to confuse us. Tickets may be purchased here, mention my name so I get credit. Yes, they know I'm howeird. The director's name is Howard, so use my handle, kbyetkx.
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Class ended early - I've actually done some work since then. The instructor said that it was the "Thrilla in Manila" on HBO which started the industry to thinking about inserting ads into TV streams automatically. Thrilla was October 1, 1975 Manila time, but it was still the last day of September at HBO's HQ in the States.

I have my own ad insertion story about that fight. Collapse )
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