October 8th, 2008


And now a word from McCain

"The McCain definition of corporate social responsibility is synonymous with our vision: Good Food. Better Life.

"We live up to our responsibility by making a positive impact every day – by bringing smiles to our customers and consumers and helping our employees, families, and our communities thrive.

"Our commitment to caring, integrity, respect and ethics is demonstrated in our Code of Conduct, our advertising commitment, our community involvement, our dedication to the environment and the safety of our customers, consumers and employees."

Yes, I confess. I entered the URL http://mccain.com and not http://johnmccain.com

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Health Plans

I just took a look at both candidates web sites, looking at the details of their health plans. They both kind of suck. Contrary to what McCain said last night, his plan would only give $2,500 per person towards health care, not $5,000. It's $5,000 per family. With no provisions for children.

Obama doesn't even go that far. His plan says it will "Reduce Costs and Save a Typical American Family up to $2,500 as reforms phase in". That's half what McCain promises, and only in vague terms.

Frankly, both plans look like crap to me. The only thing they both do right is try to eliminate the "pre-existing conditions" loophole. Neither one establishes a national health program, both are aimed at maintaining the current structures.
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