Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

filling in the blanks from yesterday

Before I got sick, there were six (6) phone called from the recruiter who was allegedly trying to hire me on as a consultant to fill a vendor position at Oculus. Each time it was because his boss told him to dot more t's and cross more i's. Oculus is owned by Facebook, but really has nothing to do with it. But he insisted I needed to provide him with a "vanity facebook URL" and it eas "for badging purposes". That's total BS. A vanity URL is simply a URL for your facebook account which is aliased to an easy to write name. Normal FB URLs are long and cryptic. It's still a URL to your personal web page, and there is no reason an employer needs that. Eventually I created a barebones account using a made-up gmail address, locked it down, and put a phony profile picture on it.

Next call was around lunch time, I ducked out into the parking lot for 15 minutes - his question was what would I do to test a vending machine? He obviously had a list of things in front of him he wanted me to say. But I don't test vending machines, the job has nothing to do with vending machines. The last hint he gave me is to check to see if it's plugged in,  but that's not a tester thing, that's a tech support thing. Testers can see if the thing is plugged in.

When I got home, there was email from him asking me to add something to my resume which described my PC knowledge/experience. My resume lists two jobs with Microsoft, so that was the last straw, I replied no, forget about it, we're done here. You obviously are not interested in placing me, you just like having your candidates jump through hoops.

And then I blocked his phone number.

And I deleted the new Facebook account.

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