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I was feeling better this morning, up at 7:30, out of bed around 8, almost skipped the shower but remembered I had sweated a lot yesterday in the throes of food poisoning. I was still slightly wobbly, but about 80%.

Took the longest back road route, because I could see 101 was at a standstill. It took about 40 minutes for what would have been 15 in non-rush hour. But the last mile was relatively easy.

It ate a lot of battery, and there were 2 available chargers, so I plugged in.

The spreadsheet for the smoke test I didn't run yesterday was still on the machine when I logged in. It's a cute little streaming box for Germany, but it comes up in German, French and English, and lets me choose my favorite language in the second step.

I used the new spreadsheet, which was put together by the manager in London who sent me the device, but it's really messed up, and I'll be going back to the one I'd edited down for the rest of the tests. He also wanted the YouTube tests spreadsheet done, which is a PIA because Boss only gives the cryptic addresses, I added my annotations to it. The cryptic ones are not always unique.

Lunch was beef & grains, and a tangelo. There are Caesar salads in the fridge,  but they are probably from last Friday...

My new rule is if there is something edible in the fridge, I won't heat up what I brought from home.

No more calls or email from recruiter. Good. Now I'll block him on LinkedIn. Kind of hoped his boss would call or email, but no response means they were not interested after all.

NP came by for a bit of an escape break. She is back to testing the sound bar, she says the crap TV is getting another update tomorrow. I told her I'm not going to have anything to do with that.

We were talking about movies, and I mentioned an epic Indian movie I saw in Bangkok when I lived there. 1975. Turns out it is viewed as the Indian Gone With The Wind. Called Sholay, it launched the careers of many now-legendary film people there. If you follow the link, skip past the no-smoking ads, they are just there to hide the copyright violation. :-)

I remember it as being superbly acted, cinematography was way above average, and the main plot is very well written and visceral.

My final YouTube test was a half-hour live stream, which I had to run twice because it glitched the first time for about 3 seconds. It was okay the second time, so home at about 6. Traffic was the usual bad news.

Watched two PTIs and another Bachelor in Paradise episode. The latter keeps doing rude things. They brought on a woman the other day who has become a serial stalker. For instance.  And one guy went home because in his head he has given up on finding The One™, though he had two solid hits early on, but blew it by choosing other women.

There is football on Tivo now.

In cat news, Spook was in the bedroom under the linens rack, and had opened the closet door so must have been hiding there too. Spot keeps bothering her, I keep chasing him away. He doesn't learn. But he does join me on the bed for most of the night, even when Spook is in sight.

Dinner was an experiment which mostly worked. The plan was to pour some uncooked rice into a bowl with a couple of pieces of frozen fried chicken, add water, and cook on low in the microwave for 20 minutes and get soup out of that. Too much rice, not enough water so I got cooked rice with chicken inside, not soup. It was good, though. Mint chip ice cream for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Start running 3-hour YouTube test
Call for a nails appointment - that night or Monday would work

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