Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Fried Day

Got out of bed a little late, didn't matter, traffic was borked from hours before. Even the back roads were crammed. Took the first exit, instead of the second, and spent 20 minutes exiting the freeway. Insane design of a relatively new intersection, two lanes from another freeway come in on the right, and cars from both directions need to cross each other to get to right-only and left-only lanes. And it's a mess because the stop lights are very long. When it was designed, the only traffic was for a bunch of startups, a cinema and the amphitheater. Now there's 1,287 Google buildings, Microsoft is rebuilding their small campus into a mega-thing, and a fire house. And Google continues to build huge buildings along that corridor.

I miss working in Santa Clara. I even miss working in Los Gatos.

First thing at work was email from the bozo to Boss' boss asking to make the crap TV Netflix testing the priority, instead of the project NP is supposed to be working on. I replied all that we are not just the "Netflix test group", which he did not seem to understand, and that we support many more manufacturers than just the one he is liaison for. I also forwarded to him Boss' instructions for how to schedule testing - he came in after she had distributed it to all the other liaisons. I did not get a reply.

So I started my work day running the 3-hour YouTube sync test, which I pretty much had to monitor all the way, with time out for pit stops. I only had to put off lunch for about 10 minutes. Spent the rest of the day ad hoc testing the German STB, wanted to see if it played 4K any better on a hard-wired connection than it did over wi-fi. Actually it did worse.

Lunch was a miss, I brought a couple of corn dogs in case there was nothing edible in the fridge. And there was nothing which said "lunch" in the fridge. Most of the salads were still there at EOD.

4-ish moved the car to a charger.

And the dentist called to remind me about my Monday afternoon appointment, which was not on my calendar.

Took a picture of the Weinstein chairs:

6-ish, headed home. My nails need doing.

Delivered was the exfoliant (yesterday, actually) and CR2 batteries for two of the motion sensors.

Spook was on the front window sill, I had opened the window a crack a few days ago, Spot had been there for the past couple of days, but it's Spook's traditional see-and-be-seen place. She has been fighting back a lot tonight, has Spot backing away more regularly.

Last night I also took the water fountain apart, replaced a very clogged filter, dialed up the motor and now it fountains again.

Watched PTI and the MTV relationship show. MTV did a stupid thing, and brought in many of the cast's exes under the excuse that it will help the cast figure out what went wrong with their relationship, and who would be a better match. Two of the guys are total assholes, and one of the cast and her ex are completely in love, and she has ditched the guy she hooked onto on the show. He then hooked up with someone totally vacuous.

Dinner was pizza. I had planned to bake some turkey legs and chicken thighs, but had not defrosted them. They are sittng on the counter doing just that, should be do-able in the morning.

Plans for tomorrow:
There are sourdough pancakes in the freezer ready to re-heat
Call for a nails appointment - probably for Monday
There may be some UW football to watch.


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